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Being a pastor isn't easy. It can be a challenging and exhausting role. However people often don't realize that being a pastor's wife isn't easy either!

Aside from family responsibilities to your husband and your children, many clergy wives also spend time volunteering in the church and/or working outside the home. In addition, the church and community can place unrealistic expectations on you and your family. Sometimes the responsibility of being a pastor's wife can overshadow the joys of serving alongside your husband.

The difficulty is that many pastors' wives have few close friends to confide in or share their struggles with. Due to fears about confidentiality, many wives feel they can't voice their everyday concerns or frustrations with others.

This website is a home and refuge for you – a place for you to get re-inspired, comforted and strengthened. We want you to know that you aren't alone.

Allow us to help you rejuvenate with a renewed passion for being the helpmeet of a husband in full-time ministry.


Online Resources

Soak up the words of people who have lived the ministry life. These articles will inspire and encourage you:

Article archive for the Pastor's Wife
Article archive for the Pastor
Article archive for the Woman Pastor

*Are you a pastor’s wife interested in submitting an article (maximum 500 words) to be posted on this website? We’d love to hear from you! Articles should cover issues that you have dealt with as a woman, mom and pastor’s wife. Whatever your writing experience, your testimony of how God has walked with you will encourage other pastors' wives! Email [email protected] for more information.



Our toll-free help line connects you with Master's level, professionally trained Christian counsellors – free for pastors, their spouses and children! Whether you want a listening ear, someone to pray with, resource suggestions or confidential counselling, we are here for you. Please call us: Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. (PT).

For more information on the Clergy line, see our FAQ's page.

Please note that our focus is toward wives whose husbands are in ministry. We acknowledge that there are some husbands whose wives serve as pastors. However, because the great majority of pastors are men, this page is geared toward women.



WM2M (Women Married to the Minister) is a ministry based in Ottawa, ON. They focus on building networks among pastors' wives, and offer small groups, studies and social events. To sign up for their newsletter or to get in touch with them, visit their website.


Renewal & retreat centre, where you'll find real rest in God so you can re-energize your personal, marital and vocational commitments.

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