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As we led Pastors and Spouses gatherings across Canada, we asked clergy what would help them the most to survive and thrive in daily ministry. Many pastors agree - they'd value a mentoring relationship with experienced pastors.

In response, CCN is exploring the idea of creating mentoring relationships between senior pastors and those newer to ministry.

This is where you come in! We're looking for experienced pastors (approximately 10 years or more in the ministry) interested in sharing some of their life and insight with other pastors. The mentoring relationship specifics are flexible to suit the needs of the pastors involved! It could involve email correspondence between you and your mentoree, regularly scheduled phone calls or meetings a few times a year.

We don't want to overburden mentors and yet we want them to be able to give an amount of time that is useful to their mentoree. For these new pastors are seeking encouragement, support, as well as practical advice on various aspects of ministry life (e.g., time management, conflict in the church, family life, etc).

Do you have any practical suggestions and thoughts on how this might best work for all involved? Are you interested in becoming a mentor? Please contact us at [email protected]

We appreciate your prayers as we move toward this goal.

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