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After 20 years by Marcia Laycock
Reflections on being a pastor’s wife for 20 years.

Weathering the storms of ministry by Katerina Hinkle

Three actions you and your spouse can take to withstand the ups and downs of ministry, wounds and all.

Married to a minister by Sandra Reimer

Though often costly, lonely and susceptible to criticism, being a pastor's wife also has its rewards.

Moments with Marlene—a pastor's wife by Jennifer Antonsen
Marlene, a pastor's wife and mom, shares her experiences & lessons she has learned from being in ministry with her husband for the past 20 years.
Opening the door: The journey of a new pastor's wife
by Stephanie Carroll
Pastors' wives can feel that they are under intense scrutiny from church members-and from themselves! Sometimes all that is needed is a little grace to see that God is indeed working.
Sometimes I'm NOT always right by Stephanie Carroll
As a pastor's wife, it is not always easy to let go and trust God will take care of our husbands and their ministry. But life becomes so much more peaceful when we are able to release our concerns to the Lord!
Acknowledging the "common cold" by Jennifer Antonsen
Depression has been described as the common cold of mental illness in both men and women, and pastors' wives can be even more susceptible to depression then others. Learn some of the myths and scriptural truths surrounding depression, and what to do if you may be experiencing depression.

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